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Case and dial through inner relief with a large fire filled enamel decoration, relief consists of replique montres four parts, takes more than 60 hours, accurate way to create a perfect shadow effect. Relief decoration and a large fire enamel also need to fill 25 hours, alternating the use of technology master black, purple, gray, white, white, brown, yellow and other seven colors, the shape of a graceful lines, full of wild flavor cheetah. Limited 80 Keywords: colored stones, complex ideas, enamel, thin and comfortable, skill-based jewelry table, the appearance of supremacy, GMT , entry-level version 2.0 sound effects: The Divine Comedy "uneasy" Style: rich in style, variety, extravagant, extremely make complex main series: Ball onBleu thin sheet, Calibre de Cartier , Advanced tab series, Delices female form , ArtKraft jewelry table number NEW: more than 50 models Editor's watch: BallonBleu thin sheet Comment: The reason why the Divine Comedy "disturbed" to describe Cartier's conference, because Cartier this year's launch of the product is so exciting, is hard to imagine so many complex functions, so many artistic elements, so much style type is embodied in the same year, a brand of replica omega the same works. Categories, the Cartier grown movement series Calibre de CARTIER junior year collective facelift needle automatic watch metal strap, although not necessarily to cater to the Chinese market, but it is certainly welcomed by the people. Known altar table years BallonBleu (blue balloon) series weight-loss success, the edge is even thinner than the case of coins, a sense of dignity, recognition and comfort is superb. Delices female form with candy for design inspiration, to make graphics Cartier in the field of art and design masterpieces, Delices will become another popular style of women's table. HighWatchmaking (Advanced tab) series of four works, not only reflects the sophisticated technology and processes, more creative ideas to attract the attention of replica watches all visitors. ArtKraft series of six senior jewelry table, unprecedented craftsmanship to replace the luxurious materials become the main product, this may become a trend – just get rid of the restrictions of raw materials, jewelry table design can be more liberal, to get production full release, a new round of consumer demand in order to get the greatest degree of satisfaction. In support of ORBIS International Organization (ORBIS International) and its Flying Eye Hospital for treatment of preventable blindness, the watch brand Omega Omega brand ambassador actor to join Daniel Craig, to launch a De Ville Hour Vision Blue "Bright Blue" wrist table and donate at least $ 1 million from the sales of Replique Montre the watch in providing financial support for ORBIS.

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